About Us

Are you sick of not having anywhere locally to shop from?

Sick of having to pay ridiculous postage fees that cost as much as the set of wheels you're trying to get?

I sure am! This is the main reason why this store got started.

I love skating, love to skate, the people, the culture, that feeling you get when you land a trick, seeing someone else shredding around, and seeing someone else hyped over learning a new trick. That feeling.... you know that feeling.

I got sick of complaining about stuff and decided to try and do something about it. 

Blading will always be in the blood, no matter how old you get, now and forever.

Keep shredding!

ps. Don't forget to have fun!


*Side note* This is not my full time job. This is something I'm doing in my spare time. Please be patient with me with returning emails as I will answer as soon as I can.




Thanks for visiting

contact us: shredcityskates@gmail.com