Roces - 5th Elements - UFS White (44EU/281mm)
Roces - 5th Elements - UFS White (44EU/281mm)
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Roces - 5th Elements - UFS White (44EU/281mm)

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A classic boot evoking sweet sensations from our younger selves, it's odd to think the Fifth Element did not make it through rollerblading's implicit core points tally system that was relied upon for much of the new millennium. We couldn't be more pleased to see this boot thriving on the streets again.

One distinct advantage of the Fifth Element over its siblings, the M12 UFS and M12 LO, is its wider shell and toe box. Meaning those with broader feet who love the Roces brand may benefit from choosing the 'chunkier' side to Roces' oeuvre.

The two-piece soul kit converts the Fifth Element we remember into a modern UFS skate with ample soul space and a reliable backslide plate.

The memory foam liner is comfortable and supports the ankle correctly with a heel lock. The cuff hugs the back part of the leg and creates a solid feeling when landing, even off small curbs.

The Roces frame is an unsung hero amongst a growing market of frame products. Simple and to the point, it functions perfectly as an anti rocker and exceptionally as a flat frame. The 60mm 92a wheels included are from the Roces premium range and are only included with the skates.

Notably, the skates are composed of 47% cornstarch based PU (polyurethane). The packaging is 100% recycled.

Made in Italy.

Why do the Roces Fifth Element Skates only go up to size UK9.5?
Roces claim that the Fifth Element Skates fit bigger than you'd expect. Roces state the Fifth Element fit one size bigger than stated. We feel this is a slight exaggeration but are happy to say the Fifth Element fits one-half size bigger than displayed. 

It is noted, though, due to the wide opening of the shell, downsizing would be possible with a thinner aftermarket liner like the Intuition V2 liner, MyFit 2nd Skin Liner or the Reigh V3 liner.  

Made in Italy.

Check size chart below as this model fits different to other boots!


  • Shell and cuff: Bimaterial, Hard PU for excellent support and durability and soft PU for wraparound fastening 
  • Closure: Aluminium Memory Buckle, Laces
  • Boot: Comfort liner, Memory Foam, Heel Lock 
  • Footbed: Dual shock absorber footbed  
  • Frame: Glass Fibre Reinforced polyamide 2 pieces soulplates 
  • Wheels: 2 wheels 60mm 92A HQ compound wheels + 2 central grinding wheels.
  • Bearings: ABEC 5
  • Spacers: Aluminium
  • Rocker washer: Aluminium
  • Axels: Hot Rod S