Pills Wheels - 64mm/90a - Birdy

Pills Wheels - 64mm/90a - Birdy

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Aggressive inline skate wheels BIRDY 64mm 90A by PILLS WHEELS
Set of 4 wheels

The fast-flying “Birdy” wheels will make a predator out of you. Be invincible on them.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Diameter: 64mm
  • Hardness: 90A
  • White PU
  • White core
  • Rounded profile shape
  • Tinted desaturated blue and orange graphics
  • Long lasting

64 mm wheels are becoming more and more common on the new models of aggressive rollers and UFS frames. You can get the maximum effect on a flat set by mounting frames such as Ground Control MEGA, Oysi Medium or Kaltik V2 on your inline skates.

Are the 64mm wheels good for aggressive inline skates?

Birdy 64mm wheels will fit aggressive USD, Razors, Valo, Roces, Remz, K2, Salomon, Them Skates, Adapt, Trigger Skates, IQON and more.

Study your skates for a groove on the boot in the front and rear wheel area. Not all frames can accommodate all 8 64mm wheels, but if you’re riding an anti-rocker set-up, that opens up more options in platform selection.