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"Everyone and I are very excited about these, it is something that needed to be done for a long time and finally here it is.

This buckle is unique, first! it has its own patent, and its design is compatible with all skates on the market. If the skate use a standard buckle, can fit the UMBS.

It’s Buckle is extremely easy to put on and use, the design is slimmer, to reduce the contact to the floor, and has a internal magnet to give a secure closer, this give too an amazing sensation with every open and close. 

The Universal Memory Buckle system is not make in a factory in china, every UMBS is make almost 100% hand made, I make all the plastic pieces and the assembled personally in my workshop (not 3d printed) to can guarantee that every part will work perfectly.

This buckles are not a standard or regular product, is a premium piece. 

All the UMBS come in pairs in a minimalist luxury ecological packaging, without receivers and without screws, as seen in the photo, everything I do and design has a serious commitment to the planet and the best way to take care of it is to use less , the design of the buckles seeks to use the least amount of materials for this purpose."

- Nicolas Vasquez -JAMES DRIVE. 

Shipping from the US is in December, hopefully arrives in NZ start of Feb/March

Orders have been delayed due to hand making the buckles...