FLAT Frame - Anthony Pottier Frames Complete

FLAT Frame - Anthony Pottier Frames Complete

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The Antony Pottier Pro FLAT Frame is one of a kind, a thing of beauty.

This frame is designed by the man himself and after a 2-3 year hiatus since the prototype product the frame is back, this time with a more affordable price tag (due to a larger production quantity being made). The FLAT frame is CNC'd for precision out of a single piece of high quality Aluminium, the sort that is used to build aeroplanes and these are sure to take your skating to a whole new altitude. 

The frame has a replaceable plastic H block and fits a max wheel size of x4 65mm perfect for skating aggressive.

The frame is UFS Compatible, possibly indestructible.... (we haven't tested that)

Frame base: 267mm
Max wheels size: 4x65mm
Mounting: UFS
Hblock: plastic

Wheels: 65mm/88a

The FR 65mm AP wheels are fast, durable and grippy. Perfect for quick and responsive skating